Steps to Success

Whether your plans are to build a new custom home or a small bath remodel you’ve got some serious ambitions for your home.  But home renovation and construction projects take more time than basic decorating and design than you can conquer with a Do It Yourself weekend.

Steps to Success ... Here is how we assure success at Desert Pinnacle Homes

Listening, photo’s and notes are the order of the first meeting.  Based on your input, ideas, needs, dreams and your budget, an approximate estimate can be provided.  Perhaps the most important issue of this whole process is to have a sense of confidence and trust in the contractor you choose.


Depending on the scope of your project this stage can be very simple or complex.  Communication is huge and the common thread throughout the entire project.  The focus of this stage is to ensure clarity between all parties.  This stage may take several days or several weeks, but the result naturally creates a solidified plan to execute your dream project.  Once this stage is complete final pricing can be accomplished and a contractual agreement executed.  Again, we stress communication for clarity, if in doubt, ask ... there are no “dumb” questions.

Pre-Construction Meeting

At this meeting a target start date is determined.  Before construction begins, we ensure the integrity of the customers home and possessions by sealing and taping the potentially affected areas to keep dust and debris at a minimum.  In spite of the efforts taken, your home will require a thorough cleaning after completion.  Once the project has begun weekly dialogue between the customer and project manager is a must. This weekly communication is intended to measure progress throughout the duration of construction and to provide clarity concerning scheduled construction activities, expectations and resolution of any unanticipated issues.


As your project approaches completion we will schedule a meeting to go over necessary items that need addressing.  We will also request that you prepare a “punch list” in order to correct and complete any remaining items.  Should you encounter any problems with items under warranty, please contact us. We will gladly inspect and take care of any concerns you may have and work towards a resolution as quickly as possible.  Our ultimate goal is that you are completely satisfied.  It is our desire that working together we can achieve the results of your expectations and in the process make it fun and enjoyable.

Things you should be doing

There are many resources available to you to help you make your renovation a success ... ranging from government brochures to consumer advocacy organizations.  Here at Desert Pinnacle Homes, we encourage our clients to take advantage of these resources in planning for your project.  We have compiled a list of some suggested resources for you to access.  Click here to go to Planning for Renovation to read more.