Our Projects

We have performed many remodeling projects, new home construction and additions.  Here is small sample of the work that we have performed.  Many of our clients have indicated that they can accommodate inquiries.  You can contact us for more information.

As you browse our gallery, if you do not see something that corresponds to your plans, give us a call.  We have performed many more projects than is practical for showing here.

Custom Home in Carefree, Arizona
This is a custom Santé Fe home with a touch of Tuscany built in the foothills of Carefree, Arizona
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Home Renovation in Scottsdale, Arizona
The before and after photos say it all.  This home in Scottsdale was completely renovated inside and out.

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New Custom Home in NE Phoenix, Arizona
       This new custom residence is located in north east Phoenix.  The 1 acre lot was located by the owners by simply driving the area they wanted to live in. With the builders assistance they negotiated and purchased their lot.
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Bathroom Remodeling
         We perform bathroom remodeling and renovation from large majestic bathrooms to smaller projects as depicted here. Regardless of the size of your project, you will get the same high quality care and attention to detail.
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Home in Desert Hills, Arizona
From start to finish, no matter whether a large project as shown here or smaller projects, you rest assured of
high quality work.  We undertook the entire construction of this home in Desert Hills from breaking ground to
delivery of the final product.
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Other Projects
As much as we would like to present images of all our projects, they are too numerous to show here.
However, we believe these additional photos will give you a fair representation of the work that we do.
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